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John Paul Segovia

   American painter, designer, photographer, poet and portrait artist. Segovia’s main creative influences stems from Abstract Expressionism to Mid-century Modern Art. Segovia’s an old soul and as a young teen fell in love with Fauvism and Expression-ism by the art master himself, Pablo Picasso. Then shortly after he was introduced to the surreal works of Salvador Dali which expanded the possibilities of paint on canvas. And finally, he was blown away with the commercial works of Andy Warhol.

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My Story

   John Segovia was born in Houston, Texas to a modest middle-class working family. From an early age he displayed a talent for drawing portraits and began entering local school competitions at the age of 16. With so much talent to give unfortunately, he put the pencil down at 18 and tried to find himself and pursue other aspirations.

   Full Circle. After many jobs and realizing he wasn’t happy he found himself going back to school and graduating from the Houston Art Institute in June of 2000. Graphic Design was another creative outlet which allowed Segovia to study the arts. Learning the basic elements of design, typography, line, color, shape and composition would later help Segovia in his passion to pursue art

    The path to the arts has called to Segovia many times but he would ignore those callings for fear that it’s been too many years since he’s picked up a pencil. In November of 2016 Segovia lost his mother to a battle of diabetes and shortly after he was involved in a horrific accident that left him with a shattered left leg and fractured hip. Laid up and unable to walk for months Segovia found himself with the opportunity to pass time by finally picking up a pencil after 30 years and began to start drawing again. His first drawing was of Mexican portrait painter Frida Kahlo. He entered the drawing in a local gallery showing and it sold. Since then he’s gathered the interest of local art collectors who now own most of his recent works.

    Until recently, Segovia has only been a portrait artist working mainly with charcoal. After several successful commissions his courage and confidence has guided him to doing more works on canvas.

“Through positivity and prayer all things are possible through God.”

-John Segovia

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